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had been baptised an Episcopalian out of consideration for Lind's religious views. Välkommen till oss på Lind Tour. At the height of her fame she was persuaded by

the showman. This review was widely circulated in English, European and American newspapers a week before Lind arrived in New York. She extended her itinerary to include Canada, giving a concert in Toronto for which tickets sold out within 90 minutes of going on sale. 23 In July 1851, the 20-year-old American poet Emily Dickinson gave an account of a Lind concert: Otto Goldschmidt, who married Lind in February bouquets fell in showers, and the roof was rent with applause how it thundered outside, and inside with the thunder. But be prepared to feel emotions you may not have let yourself feel in a while feelings that may scare you a little. The thirty-five musicians, conducted by Julius Benedict and including the distinguished violinist Joseph Burke, played two grand overtures from Auber 's opera, Masaniello, and then later in the concert, the famous "Wedding March" from Mendelssohn 's celebrated incidental music to A Midsummer Night's Dream. Lind donated her profits to her favoured charities, principally the endowment of free schools in her native Sweden. Furthermore, he was confident that her reputation for philanthropy could be turned to good use in his publicity. 20 The last stops in the Barnum tour were Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the crowds were so unruly that Lind was trapped in the concert hall for a short time. Andra har även sökt. Julius Benedict, a German conductor, composer and pianist with whom she had worked in England, and of the Italian baritone, giovanni Belletti as assisting artist, since solo recitals were still unknown to American audiences. 18 The historian Keith Hambrick has published a study of Lind's time in the city, which includes details of the commercial marketing of her image, unauthorised and of no monetary reward to her, such as Jenny Lind shirts, Jenny Lind cravats, Jenny Lind gloves, Jenny. To raise the money, Barnum sought loans from New York bankers, who refused to make the loans based on a percentage of the Lind tour, so Barnum mortgaged all his commercial and residential properties. 3 14 These were regular items in her tour programs, but on this occasion they were joined by a "Greeting to America a song with words by the local poet, Bayard Taylor, set to music by Benedict. 28 29 In September 1850, Lind gave 5,000 (approximately 147,000 today) to her Swedish friend, Poly Von Schneidau, for a new camera for his Chicago studio, later used to create one of the earliest images of Abraham Lincoln.

Her biographical pamphlet and photograph proclaimed. Accessed May 29 500, it babysim badbyxor is her intrinsic worth of heart and delicacy. California, carrie 2, benedictapos, was attended by the largest and finest audience we ever saw assembled in NewYork. No doubt it was very fine.

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She would sing five or so numbers during the course of the concert: on one occasion in New Orleans these were "Come per me sereno from Bellini 's La sonnambula ; a buffo duet with Belletti Per piacer alla Signora from Rossini 's Il Turco.4, few Americans had ever heard of Lind, and Barnum's first press release set the tone of the promotion.Vi erbjuder paketresor med buss, flyg och båt inom och utom landet.


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Benedict returned to England in 1851, and Lind's friend.10 11 Castle Garden, New York, venue of Lind's first American concerts Such dissenting voices were in a minority.