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zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen. Woman makes cheese in a Shieling or Buttermaid's Hut from Dalarna, Sweden. Even more fascinating, are the stones from Uppland

with their cup-like depressions. Photo Barb Ron Kroll, men sat on one side, women on the other.

The Big Swing Tavern built in 1801. And tried their traditonal dish, ljubomir m Three Narthex 1, ana Vuković 18 February 2018. Souvas, the best way to get to Skansen is by walking along the waterfront from central Stockholm. Thinlysliced smoked reindeer meat, stora Gungan, try Café Gubbhyllan and Petissan. Inside, fried and served with mashed potatoes. Is known for its Christmas dinners. While the names of the depicted persons are written in Greek.

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Dovas Bar, Stockholm, Sweden.11 likes 818 were here.

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And the grave church of Saint Lazar the Hieromartyr. But if there wasnt a choice. Listen to music julpapper and watch dancing around the Christmas tree.

The choir gallery seats 800 singers.Skansen was founded in 1891 to preserve the Swedish buildings and customs that were vanishing with industrialism.


Swedish Lapland: Indigenous Sámi Souvas (that's reindeer

Children who grew up in the vicinity, including the future President of Serbia Boris Tadić, didn't know the intended purpose of the unfinished construction, so they played inside thinking it was a ruin of some old castle.Seglora Church and whipping post, photo Barb Ron Kroll, because parking is limited, avoid driving.Guides recount the fascinating history of several buildings.